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Last modified January 2023

The general conditions of consignment of the One Soul Many Stories company govern the relations between the client, hereinafter referred to as “the seller” and the company One Soul Many Stories (OSMS). The General Conditions of consignment have a contractual value. The company OSMS allows the seller to consign one or more items, which will then be put on sale in the next pop up event. 


The consignment of an article is free and open. The seller must have legally come into possession of the articles he is consigning and these must comply with the law and regulations in force on the day of the consignment. The seller is responsible for the quality of the articles consigned and must be able to prove/certify its authenticity (Luxury goods) if requested by OSMS or the buyer (certificate of authenticity, purchase invoice…). In the event of a hidden defect or missing/modified part of the item, the seller must reimburse or at least compensate OSMS, or the buyer directly. 

OSMS reserves the right to: 

- Not accept the articles presented, in particular if the articles do not meet its quality, safety or price requirements. 

- To cancel the contract and withdraw without notice from the sale, by informing the seller as soon as possible, any article for which the company OSMS has doubts about the origin or the identification of the presumed owner or any article presenting a defect not indicated during the consignment and which will make it unfit for sale under the quality conditions required by the company OSMS. In the event of non-conformity of the product, the seller has 7 working days to recover it. After this period, it will automatically be given over to charity. 


  • Drop Off Service - Free of Charge

Seller is responsible for completing and sending his consignment list to OSMS no later than 48hrs prior to his appointment.

Drop off will only be possible with a confirmed booking by OSMS and a completed list. Unannounced drop offs will not be accepted.

Drop off by a third party / courier company is possible but will need prior agreement by the OSMS team.

During drop off, each item will be carefully checked.

Unselected items will have to be taken back immediately. In the case of third party/courier delivery,  items not selected will have to be picked up within 2 days following an email notification from OSMS or will be returned by courier. A fixed returned fee of SGD 20 will be charged to the seller and deducted directly from the seller's sales or paid by the seller at the end of the contract if the sales don't cover the fees incurred).

  • Home Pick up Service - SGD 25 

Seller is responsible for completing and sending his consignment list to OSMS no later than 48hrs prior to his appointment.

Pick-up schedule will be confirmed with the OSMS team. Items will be checked and selected at the seller's place of pick up.

This service will be charged SGD25 deductible directly from the seller's sales or paid by the seller at the end of the contract if the sales don't cover the fees incurred.


  • Prestige Service - SGD 108

Recommended for large consignments (50+ items ).

Seller is responsible for booking appointments with the OSMS team and for giving a rough idea of the number of pieces that will be sorted out so the right amount of time is allowed for the service.

The OSMS team will come to the seller's place of choice to sort out items, carefully check quality and cleanliness and select the relevant pieces for the sale.

The OSMS team will complete the consignment list during the appointment and will send a copy to the seller within 2 days following the pick up. 

This all-inclusive service is charged SGD 108 deductible directly from the sellers' sales or to be paid by the seller at the end of the contract if the sales don't cover the fees incurred.

This service includes the return by courier of unsold items to the seller. 

Drop off / Pick up time allowance for OSMS team to check and select items listed on the consignment list (except for Prestige service):

up to 10 items = 20 min

10 - 15 items = 30 min

15 - 25 items = 1 hour

25 - 35 items = 1.5 hours

35 - 50 items = 2 hours

50+ items = 2 hours +

OSMS reserves the right to refuse the selection of items outside of the consignment list. Only a very limited amount of extra pieces can be checked during drop off/ pick up and only if time allows.

OSMS reserves the right to reject any items  not fitting the quality requirements listed below:

  • washed and ironed 

  • without holes, stains, or pilling

  • not faded, declawed, felted

  • with closures (zips, buttons, snaps, scratches ...) in perfect working condition

  • no deteriorated seams

  • brand, size and care labels present

  • prints and logos in their original condition, neither damaged nor cracked

Product should be in a proper condition based on the Condition Rating below:


Item is brand new, current or recently bought and has never been used. Item comes complete with all store-bought inclusions: original labels, tags attached, authenticity card and gift packaging in pristine condition (i.e., presentation box is in mint condition with no dent or stains/mould). The item is considered to be in giftable condition. 


Item has been kept unused or is in pristine condition with no modifications done and looks nearly new with no visible scratches or marks on surface and hardware. Clothing pieces are in original store-bought condition and never altered.


Item shows slight signs of wear, with slight scratches or marks on surface and hardware. Clothing pieces may have some slightly visible signs of wear/pilling/pulls and/or might have been slightly altered.


Item shows some signs of wear / age with some scratches or marks on surface and hardware. Clothing pieces may have some visible signs of wear/stains/pilling/pulls and/or the item might have been significantly altered or missing minor buttons/hooks.The item  but still has value due to its brand, model, cut, etc.


Item is in overall good and usable condition but shows obvious signs of wear/defects, such as some discolorations and visible scratches or marks on surface and hardware. Clothing pieces have visible signs of wear/stains/pilling/pulls/tears or missing obvious buttons but can still be worn or mended.

OSMS reserves the right to reclassify an item following the checks.


A consignment contract is given to the seller consigning one or more articles. 

A processing time of 15 working days may be applied before the contract is sent to the seller. 

This consignment contract mentions: 

- The name and first name of the seller 

- The seller's email address 

- The seller's phone number 

- The seller's nationality

- The date of the consignment

- The end date of the consignment period

- The description of the items consigned 

- The amount that will be paid to the seller following the sale of the item.

- Approval for the participation in the sales operation (20% off selling price for unsold items) on the last day of the pop up, from 2pm onwards.

- Payment method of the sale (Bank Transfer or Paynow)

​Contract must be signed by the seller at least 3 working days before the start of the sale. 

By signing the contract the seller acknowledges that despite OSMS vigilance and recommendations of handling and fitting to its customers, items can get stained and/or damaged during physical pop up sales. OSMS cannot be held responsible in that case as this is the nature of the services provided.


OSMS appraise the item and suggest a price for it. This price, if accepted by the seller, is approved and signed for on the consignment contract. This price corresponds to the amount that will be paid to the seller following the sale of the item and includes OSMS' commission as follow: 

Selling price of the item           OSMS pays the seller (net price)

0 - S$88                                      50% off the selling price

S$89 - S$499                              65% off the selling price

S$500 - S$1499                          70% off the selling price

S$1500 +                                    80% off the selling price

The seller has the right to refuse or renegotiate the net price suggested by OSMS. If both parties cannot agree on a price, the item will be returned to the seller.


Payment is made within 10 working days from the end of a sale (physical pop up or eshop pop up). The seller will be notified by email at the end of the sale. 

Payment can be made either by Bank Transfer or Paynow, as specified by the seller on the consignment contract. 


The duration of the consignment period (for selected items) is limited to 6 month and will include a minimum of one pop up sale event (physical event). One Soul Many Stories reserves the right to return unsold items at any time before the end of the consignment period. 

The seller cannot retrieve a selected and approved item within 3 weeks from the start of a sale event.


Unsold items will be returned by courier to the seller within 5 working days after the notification sent by OSMS.

The fixed courier fee of $8 will be deducted directly from the sales or charged at the end of the contract if sales do not cover the cost. 

Alternatively, the seller can decide to donate the unsold items to the Charities of OSMS's choice. The return fee in that case will be cancelled.



If an item does not appear to be sold but it is not found by OSMS after the pop up sale, a search procedure is set up. This procedure can last up to one calendar month. At the end of this search procedure, the article will be returned to the seller if it has been found or paid to him at the price appearing in the consignment contract if it has not been found.

OSMS reserves the right to adapt or modify these general conditions of consignment at any time.

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